This project was developed in cooperation with the company Roamsys S.A. based in Luxembourg. In the context of my bachelor thesis the application called „Rollouts“ should be revised visually and conceptually.

Rollout is a specific project management tool that allows a system operator to centrally manage the launch of a new service with other roaming partners. The basic workings of a management tool remain unchanged except for small changes tailored to the needs of network operators and adapted to this work area. The main focus on completing a project within a team as efficiently as possible and at any given time remains untouched. The name „Rollout“ stands, as the translation implies, for „rolling out“ a new service.

The redesign should create a tool which is much more intuitive and user friendly. A tidy, as well as quickly accessible sign language and a consistent look allows that every user is able to handle the application and enjoys a certain entertainment value through small gimmicks, such as animated graphics and interactive surfaces.