Nebula was created in cooperation with architecture students of the Hochschule Trier. A project course called “Smart systems” should provide new technological ideas for designing skyscrapers of the future. The motivation for this project came from the eVolo skyscraper competition 2016.

Our idea is based on existing water catching technologies in arid coastal areas of Chile and Peru. Camanchacas is the traditional name for the frequent occuring fogs within these regions. Since 1967 people are trying to gain small amounts of water with the help of meshes placed on higher areas. These meshes called “Raschel” nets are able to absorb more than 30% of the fogs potential water. Although there are more areas to apply this technology a pilot project could never present the valid potential.

We tried to look ahead and elaborated the existing system. Gaining more water and producing electrical energy by using the water’s gravitational energy is the concept of the created construction.