an extended webexperience

With the help of the Arduino board and various sensors, we have developed a different kind of control device. Inside the cube an Arduino UNO is located together with an acceleration sensor which is able to measure all movements. A Bluetooth adapter transfers the data to the respective computer and converts them by processing into various movements within the site. The cube can trigger different actions on the web page by rocking motions. A tilting movement left turns also the virtual cube to left, and vice versa. All four sides of the cube can be controlled by this gesture. Each page of the virtual cube contains a level of information which is only visible when the cube is tilted forward. It is closed by a back flip. QBE offers the user a different perception of the already familiar and could provide a first food for thought in multidimensionality in the range of movement in virtual space.

Unfortunately we were able to create only one prototype of the QBE, if you would like to test the virtual QBE itself just click on the link below. To control the QBE, just use the arrow keys!